Youth Groups are easily succumbed to sinful activities and it is not uncommon that they will have numerous questions about life, destiny and even their faith in Jesus Christ etc. Addressing to these questions at right time appropriately will not only prevent them from deviating from their faith in Christ. but also help them to stand firm in the truth and for their spiritual formation. Youth gathers at our church once in two weeks for a special meeting where discussions held on certain topics and their questions are also answered in such a lively discussion not only from the Facilitator but also from their peers. Opportunities are also given to lead praise and worship, sharing testimonies and giving short messages to help them identifying their spiritual gifts, growing in their gifts and exercising it for the benefit of others. Our facilitators are well experienced in youth ministry and in addressing the issues of youth groups. Special meetings are also arranged with the help of specialized people in counselling young people and who can talk openly on the physical and emotional changes happen at young age. A group also gathers every Wednesday to pray earnestly for the deliverance of young people from the clutches of sin. The impact which this youth ministry makes in their lives is explicitly seen in their participation and cooperation in all other church activities.