It is without doubt that inculcating the Word of God in the young hearts will have a lasting impact in the lives of the children. Our Church gives at paramount attention to the Sunday school ministry both within and outside the church as the young hearts are the seed beds and it is the appropriate time for the gospel to be sown.The children who are attending Sunday classes in our church are categorized according to their levels and stages. The curriculum for each stage of children is designed according to their levels and the teachers who are attending to them are well informed with the curriculum. The children at Sunday school are given careful attention catering to their spiritual needs with activities, songs, stories, and messages. All our activities do not only aim at imparting knowledge on God’s word but also awakens in them a love for divine truth and a desire to study for themselves which lead them to involve in soul saving activities. The sign of their growth in God’s Word and its applications in their life is evidently observed in their testimonies shared in the Sunday Schools and the testimonies heard about them from their Parents and others. This has been a great a great encouragement to their peers as well. The team of people are also arranged to take Sunday classes for the children outside the church. The content of the classes outside the church is organized to share the gospel to the children. The impact which this ministry makes in the life of those children lead them to the saving knowledge of Christ and they begin to attend the regular church services.